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CEO's Greeting
Optical Equipment Leader
Welcome to visit our site and we appreciate your warm-hearted concern and interest.
UNICOS founded in 2002 as an optical device manufacturing company, we have grown as an exporting company of optical devices to 60 countries with ceaseless technical investment and creative challenging spirit.

Without being complacent in such growth, we announced “Vision2020” and began to challenge as a health care product manufacturer for the aged and children based on the success of optical device area.

While health care industry requires ceaseless technical development and huge capital investment as a new born industry, UNICOS wishes to be a global leader in health care industry based on indomitable will, creative challenging spirit and technical know-how of optical devices.

Your continual encouragement and sharp criticism on products of UNICOS will be a growing power in the new challenging health care industry and will be the foundation of growing as a company with social vision.

Once again, I as the representative of UNICOS would like to thank you about your interest.
Ki-Chang Kim
CEO & President / UNICOS Co., Ltd.
(ZIP:34050) 282-30, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82-42-581-0047   Fax +82-42-581-0053
http://www.e-unicos.com   E-mail:marketing1@e-unicos.com
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